Amplication generates production-ready, self-documenting GraphQL API for all your data models. The API is generated with authentication and authorization of your choice already baked-in.

The GraphQL server is built with Apollo Server and provides all the features that shipped with it. Easily grow and customize your GraphQL API with your business and connect to it from any GraphQL client.
graph ql
Easily connect to your data with any HTTP client using REST API. Amplication generates production-ready REST API, with Swagger UI documentation, for all your data models.

The API is generated with authentication and authorization of your choice already baked-in. The REST API is built with strict RESTful conventions and can be easily extended and customized.
rest api
Identity & Permissions
Save time on plugging in authentication and authorization to your apps. Amplication provides a role-based permission model that is generated automatically with your app.

Create as many roles as needed and granularly set permissions per data model or specific fields for different roles. All the permissions are automatically enforced in the REST and GraphQL APIs including response filtering on specific fields.

Choose one or more of the built-in authentication providers, and get your generated app with built-in support both on server-side and client-side.
identity and permissions
Admin UI
Start working with your application in minutes. Amplication generates a React client with ready-made forms for creating and editing all the data models of your application.

The React app is pre-configured to work with your back-end and already has all the boilerplate and foundation for your client, including - routing and navigation, authentication, permissions, menu, breadcrumbs, error handling, and much more.
admin ui
Code Generation
Save time on boilerplate and repetitive tasks with low-code but keep working on your core business logic with pro-code.

Amplication generates human-readable and human-editable node.js application for the back-end and React application for the client. The applications are generated with high standard TypeScript that you can easily customize and make your own.
code generation
Custom Code
Generated apps can be manually customized to support any complex logic, specs, or integration using custom code. Code components can be modified using any IDE, synced through GitHub, and still be maintained through Amplication engine without being overridden by any data model change or app re-generation source code.
custom code
Command Line Interface (CLI)
Define your data model and generate apps faster using Amplication Command Line Interface (CLI). Actions available in our data model app designer GUI version are also available through our CLI. Using Amplication CLI you can execute pre-defined long scripts which can be used as templates and as an import-export mechanism
command line interface cli
When working with Amplication, all your committed changes are continuously deployed to a sandbox environment on the Amplication cloud so you can easily access your application for testing and development purposes.

You can also easily build a Docker container to prepare your app for deployment. Your app is always generated with all the configuration and scripts needed to do so.
Open Source
Amplication is an open-source project built for developers by the open-source community.

Join us in building the next generation of development tools.
Any contribution counts.
open source
Coming soon
Integration & Webhooks
Integration with any external service is available through custom code or webhooks. Once you generate your app based on your data model, you can custom code and integrate it with any external app. You can also use webhooks to trigger external apps based on events or database change update.
integration and webhook
Version Control
Amplication has version control built-in which enables you to visually see any app change and how it's being reflected in the generated app code. The app developer has the option to cancel commits or roll back to previous versions of the app at any time.
version control
Sync with Github
Amplication can push the code of your app to a GitHub repository. Every app developed on Amplication platform is translated to a human-readable TypeScript Node.js app which can be synced with your private Github repository.
This feature allows you to:
  • Continuously push your app changes to your private repository
  • Keep using your favorite IDE
  • No need to learn new skills, keep developing with the technology you master
  • Control and validate changes before merge
  • Use GitHub as version control to track changes and roll back
sync with github