Build microservices
20x faster.
Reliably. Securely. Consistently.

Amplication is changing the way backend services are built and delivered. We help you build backend services with the highest standards, consistency, and scalability across your organization.

Empowering developers from leading companies

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What users are saying about Amplication?

20x faster
To deliver code to production
2 months
Saved on initial project setup
100+ hrs
Per month saved on app infrastructure and boilerplate updates
Of developers’ time saved
50+ hrs
Saved per developer on knowledge sharing and training

How Amplication backend development platform works?

Simply configure your architecture, with APIs, data models, database, and more
Automatically generate all boilerplate and infrastructure code
Continuously get Pull Requests with the generated code to your Git repositories
Freely customize and extend the generated code

What do you get from Amplication?

open source
Production-ready APIs
Full featured GraphQL and REST APIs
open source
Data model
Simple definition of entities & database schema
open source
Role-Based access control
Automatically generated identity & permission models
open source
Microservices support
Any architecture, synchronous or asynchronous communication
open source
Continuous Git sync
Automated sync with private or public GitHub repos
open source
TypeScript & Node.js source code
Automatically generated human-readable and human-editable Node.js code
open source
Plugin system
Use community-built plugins or create your own
open source
Monorepo or polyrepo
Use Amplication with a monorepo, polyrepo, or both
open source
Custom code
Easy customization & modification of generated code
open source
Ready to deploy app
Generate Docker container or use plugins to connect to CI/CD tools & cloud providers
open source
Admin UI
Automatically generated React Admin UI to create & edit your data models
open source
Amplication console & CLI
Fast app generation using Amplication console or Command Line Interface (CLI)

Let your teams write critical business logic instead of redundant
infrastructure code

  • Create or extend
  • Customize code
  • Limitless Architecture
  • Boost productivity
  • Build it your way

What's next?
Great things coming down the <roadmap>

While we continuously work alongside our community to make Amplication Community Edition better,
we are extending its capabilities into Enterprise Edition to meet the requirements and standards of large-scale organizations and enterprises.

  • GraphQL API
  • React Admin UI
  • Subscriptions
  • Websockets
  • Design data model
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • ERD View
  • Connect to your own database
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Identity Management
  • Plugin System & marketplace
  • Monorepo
  • Logging & auditing
  • Monitoring & observability
  • Modular services
  • Queues
  • Other transports
  • Secrets
  • Environment variables
Git & Custom Code
  • Custom Code
  • Continuos sync with Git
  • GitLab and other Git services
  • Auto merge and conflict management
  • Multiple branches
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Helm charts
  • Connect to private cloud
  • GitHub Actions
  • GitOps

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