Instantly generate Just code what matters.

Amplication is an open‑source development tool. It helps you develop quality Node.js applications without spending time on repetitive coding tasks.
Database Easily create data models and configure role‑based access control with a simple and intuitive UI or CLI
GitHub Continuously push the generated application to your GitHub repository
Docker Get a Docker container with your database, a Node.js application and a React client

What type of developer are you?

Front-end developer
  • Use Amplication UI or CLI to create your app
  • Design data models and create REST & GraphQL APIs without coding.
  • No need for server-side development skills since Amplication auto-generates back-end code.
  • You can focus entirely on developing your next great app 😎
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Full-stack developer
  • Amplication auto-generates an app based on TypeScript and Node.js.
  • Generated apps include NestJS, Prisma, REST & GraphQL API, a React admin UI, logging, authentication and authorization.
  • Safely customize your generated app Node.js code using your favorite IDE.
  • Decide whether to download the app within a Docker container that’s ready for deployment or to deploy to the Amplication cloud.
  • At any point you’re free to download the source code and continue development elsewhere.
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Who are we?

We are a group of creators who love open‑source and low‑code. We believe that low‑code application development will evolve into a modern‑day programming language.

What we do
Our vision is to create one platform which will empower professional developers in creating business applications and extend platform capabilities, with the open‑source community's power of collaboration & transparency.
Why we do it
As our platform is open source, we are looking to create an ecosystem around the project, where you - the professional developers, will always have the freedom to fork and maintain the platform yourselves, with no vendor lock‑in.

Low‑Code 💜 Open‑Source

Why open‑source
We believe low‑code and open‑source should go hand‑in‑hand. Amplication builds the next generation of development tools with the help of the community, for the community.

How does it work?

Design models & roles
Define data entities and role‑based access through Amplication's UI or CLI, and Amplication will auto‑generate your database, an Admin UI, and API.
Deploy your app in one click
Deploy your app to the Amplication cloud, or get a Docker container to deploy elsewhere.
one click app deployment
Sync your app with GitHub
Amplication syncs your app code into Node.js format to your GitHub repository so you can keep developing and custom code your app using your favorite IDE and the skills you have already mastered.
github sync
Access your app
Our auto-generated admin UI based on your data model schema enables you to access your data with ease.
admin ui
your code using REST or GraphQL
Start working with your API from any REST or GraphQL client (React, Angular, Vue, Flutter, iOS, Android, Go, Node.js, Python and more).
rest api

What's next?
Great things are coming.

  • GraphQL API
  • Connectors library
  • Custom connectors
  • SMS
  • E‑mail
  • Push notifications
  • Design data model
  • Connect to your own database
  • Import schema from existing database
  • Use multiple data sources
  • More data types
Business Logic
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Decision tables
  • Expressions
  • Condition builders
  • Visual flow editors for custom logic
  • Testing
  • IAM and SSO
  • Logging and auditing
  • Performance, monitoring, and scaling
  • Debugging
  • Auto-generated Admin UI
  • Canvas pages
  • Built‑in component library
  • Fully custom clients
  • Collaboration
  • Custom code with TS
  • Integration with DevOps tools and services