Building Production-Ready .NET Backends with AI-Powered Code Generation

Paz Yanover
Paz Yanover
Jun 17, 2024
Building Production-Ready .NET Backends with AI-Powered Code GenerationBuilding Production-Ready .NET Backends with AI-Powered Code Generation

.NET's strong presence in enterprise environments makes it a critical tool for many developers. However, the challenges associated with .NET, like handling and updating legacy code, integrating with Microsoft's extensive suite of tools, meeting compliance and security standards, and adhering to enterprise best practices can be complex and demanding.

That's why today we're excited to announce a huge expansion to Amplication’s backend development platform with the introduction of full AI-powered .NET code generation support.

Why .NET?

Many companies have substantial investments in legacy .NET applications requiring modernization to leverage new technologies and architectures while preserving existing functionality.

.NET's widespread usage also brings with it a number of unique challenges. Enterprises operate under strict compliance and security standards, necessitating meticulous attention to detail, adherence to enterprise best practices, and a thorough understanding of various regulations. Developing applications that meet these requirements involves ensuring that best practices for compliance and security are embedded from the outset.

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Proven solution, now in .NET

Now we're ready to help more dev teams around the world by bringing our market-proven code generation solution to the .NET space. This allows them to build awesome products better and faster.

Amplication has been making waves in the tech community, gaining over 13,000 stars on GitHub and attracting over 30,000 users across 60 countries. Our backend development platform boasts successful deployments by developers at industry giants such as Johnson & Johnson, Greenlight BioSciences, ABC, Nike, NASA, and IKEA. This widespread adoption is a testament to Amplication's reliability and the trust that enterprises place in its capabilities.

Generate production-ready .NET backends

Our AI-powered backend development platform provides you with a plethora of features to help you speed up your projects, including:

  • AI-powered code generation: at the heart of Amplication's platform is Jovu, an AI-powered assistant that generates production-ready and predictable backend code in .NET and Node.js. This capability significantly reduces the time and effort required to build and maintain backend services, allowing developers to focus on adding value to their projects rather than writing boilerplate and infrastructure code.
  • Configurable data models: Amplication allows developers to create and configure data models that fit their specific business requirements, ensuring a robust and scalable backend structure. Based on the developers' definitions, Amplication generates the production-ready code in .NET and pushes it to the chosen Git provider.
  • CRUD and custom APIs generation: the platform automatically generates the code for CRUD operations and enables developers to effortlessly configure custom APIs, significantly reducing development time while ensuring consistency and reliability in the backend code.
  • Scalable architecture: the platform supports microservices and event-driven architecture, enabling developers to build scalable and resilient applications. This modular approach allows individual services to be developed, deployed, and scaled independently, enhancing the overall flexibility and performance of the application.
  • Authentication and authorization support: Amplication includes comprehensive authentication and authorization mechanisms, utilizing ASP.NET Core Identity to ensure secure user management and access control, protecting your applications from unauthorized access.
  • Integration with popular tools and services: leveraging extensive plugins system, Amplication seamlessly integrates with a wide range of popular tools and services, facilitating smooth deployment and management processes, while saving hundreds of development hours on integrations. This already includes integrations with popular tools and services, while we continue to actively work on adding support for CI/CD pipelines, enabling developers to build end-to-end .NET based solutions without worrying about compatibility issues.

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