Production-ready AI-powered Code Generation

Paz Yanover
Paz Yanover
May 15, 2024
Production-ready AI-powered Code GenerationProduction-ready AI-powered Code Generation

ChatGPT was released 18 months ago, and what a revolution it made! Gen AI is everywhere and everyone uses it, including to generate code.

Many have tried to build demo apps using AI, but these demos often fall short of being production-ready, serving more as prototypes than final products.

Does anyone have the guts to create a real, commercial app using generative AI and push it to production as-is? Without spending days reviewing code, testing, and making sure it meets your company's standards and best practices? Can it scale to handle the infrastructure demands of 10, or even 50, backend services?

The answer is no, just no.

Until now.

Amplication AI: the future of code generation is here

Amplication is now infused with AI and it will radically change the way you build backend services and APIs. By integrating AI with Amplication's proven track record for generating production-ready code, Amplication AI ensures that the code you generate meets the highest standards of reliability.

Imagine the possibilities of going from concept to production-ready code for your app with a few requests in just a few minutes.

It’s possible and it’s powered by Jovu, your new Amplication assistant.

Meet Jovu, your Amplication AI assistant

As Amplication's AI-powered assistant, Jovu operates Amplication AI and does all the heavy lifting for you. Jovu is more than just another AI chatbot. It's a sophisticated, context-aware assistant that deeply understands your Amplication projects and offers tailored recommendations and guidance.

This includes navigating the Amplication platform based on your requests, providing smart suggestions for your app’s architecture, functionality, plugins, and more.

Jovu, currently in Beta, uses AI to generate code with predictable and consistent output, letting you focus on what matters most - your application's unique features and business logic.

For example, with a simple request like: “I would like to create a new backend service for managing a Tesla inventory. Please create the service and suggest its entities, including fields and relations between entities.”

Jovu will think of the best architecture, create the service, and also all the relevant entities, such as Vehicle, Location, Customer, and more, along with their fields and relationships. It will even generate the necessary CRUD APIs for each entity, saving you valuable development time.

But Jovu's capabilities go even further. You can ask Jovu to:

  • Answer your questions about Amplication, its capabilities, and your projects
  • Be your personal architect to suggest required services, entities and their fields, the project architecture, and more
  • Create and manage:
    • Projects and services
    • Entities / data models
    • Fields and relations
    • DTOs and APIs - CRUD and custom
    • Plugins and 3rd-party software integrations
    • And more…
  • Generate production-ready code for your project

Here's another example of Jovu creating additional entities for a service and installing the necessary plugins, generating production-ready code in the process.

For more real-world examples showcasing Jovu's capabilities, check out our Amplication AI Examples page.

Trustworthy, lightning-fast, production-ready code generation

With Amplication AI, orchestrated by Jovu, concerns about the reliability of generated code are a thing of the past. Our technology lets you take your generated code to production immediately with confidence, the highest quality and best practices.

Amplication AI handles all the critical components, including data models, APIs, pagination, sorting, authentication, and authorization. This frees up your developers to concentrate on implementing the unique business logic that makes your app unique.

Powered by advanced LLMs

Under the hood, Amplication's AI assistant, Jovu, leverages state-of-the-art AI language models and custom functions to deliver accurate, context-aware assistance. It understands complex queries, asks clarifying questions, and engages in natural conversations to create production-ready backend code.

Jovu's AI capabilities are seamlessly integrated with Amplication's platform, allowing it to interact with your projects, execute functions, and generate code and configurations based on your requirements. You have full ownership of your code so you can focus on building the next big thing.

Jovu vs. other AI-powered code generation tools

While there are several AI-powered code generation tools available, like GitHub Copilot and Tabnine, Amplication’s AI assistant, Jovu, creates production-ready code that is consistent and predictable. Instead of focusing on line-by-line suggestions, Jovu creates entire backend services, including data models, APIs, and all the necessary code.

As a matter of fact, Jovu and tools like Copilot can work together seamlessly. Once Jovu generates your initial codebase, you can open it in your IDE and use Copilot to assist you in writing custom code and adding unique business logic.

Join us in shaping the future of code generation

Experience firsthand how Jovu can accelerate your development process, ensure code quality, and unlock new opportunities for innovation. The future of code generation is here, and it's powered by Amplication AI.

To learn more about Amplication AI and explore Jovu's capabilities, visit our documentation. Dive into our practical examples and see how Amplication AI can revolutionize your development workflow.

Try Amplication AI and its assistant, Jovu, today by signing up to Amplication for free.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, we invite you to join us on this journey. Welcome to the new era of production-ready code generation with Amplication AI. 🚀

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to a few common questions. If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, contact us and we’re ready to help.

Is the code generated by Amplication AI free from intellectual property issues?

Yes, the code generated by Amplication AI is completely original and does not infringe on any intellectual property rights.

Who owns the generated code?

You have full ownership of the code generated by Amplication AI. There are no restrictions or obligations attached to the code. You are free to use, modify, and distribute the code as you see fit. Also, with our Smart Git Sync feature all of your additional custom code will always be maintained and respected. To learn more about licensing, visit our licensing page.

Can Jovu help me manage complexity in my services?

Definitely! Jovu can give you guidance on how to keep your code organized and manageable by creating separate modules, or even separate services, for different aspects of your app.

How can Jovu assist me in implementing custom business logic?

Instantly generate
production-ready backend
Never waste time on repetitive coding again.
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Jovu can help you create custom actions and DTOs for your modules, enabling you to implement your unique business logic seamlessly.