Amplication in TechCrunch's Top 50 Open Source Startups in 2022

Saurav Jain
Saurav Jain
Feb 8, 2023
Amplication in TechCrunch's Top 50 Open Source Startups in 2022Amplication in TechCrunch's Top 50 Open Source Startups in 2022

Since its launch, Amplication has experienced rapid growth. After securing seed financing in November 2021, the company introduced its Enterprise version in September 2022. The team has grown from zero to twenty of the world’s top professionals, all within one year. The Amplication team is committed to skyrocketing growth.

Verifying this fact, TechCrunch recently published an article about “Which open source startups rocketed in 2022.”

Amplication was featured as one of the fastest-growing open-source startups in the world in 2022.

We would like to thank Amplication’s dedicated open-source community for their part in this success. Our achievements are mainly due to feedback, pull requests, feature requests, reviews, and other contributions from our community.

From the beginning, when planning each release, we have put the community’s needs first and taken their suggestions into consideration. To help the open-source community, we have started many campaigns, including Issues for First Timers and Meetups. Join our Discord server to stay in touch.

The near future will see many new advances.  For example, we are currently in the v1 of Amplication, which includes many powerful features such as a plugin system, microservices architecture, continuous GitHub sync, and more.

We recently launched our MongoDB plugin for Amplication, which brings the number of DBs we support after MySQL and PostgreSQL to three. Moving forward, many new plugins will become available, providing more features and flexibility for users. We launched Amplication Pro Plan in January 2023 for businesses that want to build to a larger scale, for advanced use cases that require more customizability, and when working with larger teams.  We also released the Enterprise Plan to meet the needs of large enterprises. Although we have launched our paid plans, we still provide Amplication services for free to our open-source community for small projects and individual users.

Building on these achievements, 2023 will be a year of transformation in which Amplication will continue to revolutionize the way backends are developed in the industry. Be a part of this journey and connect with us through our social media and community channels:

GitHub: Give us a star

Twitter: Give us a follow

Discord: Join our open-source community

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