v1.0 of our Production-Ready Backend Development Platform is Now Live

Yuval Hazaz
Yuval Hazaz
Sep 20, 2022
v1.0 of our Production-Ready Backend Development Platform is Now Livev1.0 of our Production-Ready Backend Development Platform is Now Live

We are excited to launch Amplication v1.0, the production-ready version of our backend development platform, packed with features that will help individual developers, teams, and organizations build faster and better, and just code what matters.

We’ve come a long way in the two years since we launched Amplication as an open-source project on GitHub. In that time, Amplication has been adopted by tens of thousands of developers worldwide, we’ve built a community of more than 3000 developers on Discord, and have more than 100 contributors on GitHub.

Over this period, the immediate feedback loop, ideas, and contributions from our open-source software project community helped Amplication get better and better with each release. Amplication now has the capabilities required to help individual developers and emerging startups, as well as the advanced features, robustness and scale that are so important to enterprises.

What is Amplication?

Amplication saves engineers from undifferentiated heavy lifting in application development, while helping organizations speed up delivery, and enforce best practices and standardization across multiple teams and developers.

Amplication accelerates the development of backend applications and microservices with automated high-quality code generation, streamlining and automating development while solving development issues that delay production readiness.

We built Amplication so developers like us could focus on coding the parts that matter rather than get distracted by repetitive tasks and boilerplate code.

Amplication is an open-source platform that lets you easily configure your backend services, by generating a human-readable and editable TypeScript Node.js codebase. The generated code includes everything you need to start writing your business logic.

Amplication continuously generates the code based on changes in the schema and configuration, then pushes the code to a GitHub repository to allow developers to edit it further based on their needs.

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What can you do with Amplication

Production-ready APIs

Generate fully-featured, production-ready, GraphQL and REST APIs for all your data models.

Data model

Create and define entities and database schema.

Microservices support

Create microservices using any architecture.

Continuous Git sync

Sync automatically with private or public GitHub repos.

Plugin system

Use community-built plugins or create your own.

Custom code

Customize and modify your generated code, with ease.

TypeScript & Node.js source code

Generate human-readable and human-editable Node.js code automatically.

Role-based access control

Configure and generate identity and permission models automatically.

Monorepo or polyrepo

Use Amplication with a monorepo, polyrepo, or both.

Ready to deploy app

Generate a Docker container or use plugins to connect to CI/CD tools & cloud providers.

Admin UI

Generate React Admin UI automatically to create & edit your data models.

Amplication console & CLI

Use the Amplication console or Command Line Interface (CLI) for fast app generation.

What is new in Amplication v1.0

V1.0 includes many new features and improvements. Some new modules such as microservices support and the plugin system will make it much easier for larger teams to build apps in scale and better control the generated code. Other features will help large teams collaborate on bigger projects with monorepo and custom sync flows.

Amplication V1.0 is production ready. That means we are now able to scale up to meet the requirements of enterprise users, offering support for large scale solutions that can be worked on by multiple developers. This is made possible by the Amplication modular service creation and the introduction of message brokers that enable communication between different Services. Functions such as viewing code and GitHub sync are performed at the Project level which further enhances the Amplication platform’s ability to work at scale.

Amplication v1.0 incorporates a Plugin architecture that enables anyone to develop their own plugins to implement standards, best practices, custom integrations, and virtually anything in the generated code. Developers can use plugins created by the community or create their own.

The plugins currently available in Amplication include support for Kafka, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, Passport JWT and Passport Basic authentication, and the list is growing.

You can see the available plugins on the Github plugins repo.


Amplication is available in Community and Enterprise editions, each with its own licensing model.

  • Community Edition (CE) – contains Amplication's core functionality. It is open-source and free to use for the whole community. The Amplication Community Edition continues to be licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

  • Enterprise Edition (EE) - adds advanced operations, security, and commercially orientated features. The Enterprise Edition is built on top of the Community Edition and provides organizations with the features they need to build at scale. Use of the Amplication Enterprise Edition is subject to the Amplication Terms of Service.

Note: Amplication remains fully committed to open source and will ensure that it continues to evolve with powerful new features. As we extend our Enterprise Edition, we will ensure that this does not conflict with our open-source project.

Read the docs for more details about Licensing.


Amplication provides a free community developer license for the Amplication Community Edition to any developer in the world.

Amplication Enterprise Edition users will receive additional commercially orientated features. See the pricing for more details.

Getting Started with Amplication

To get started with Amplication, go to the Amplication website and click the Login button.

To get all the information you need for working with the Amplication platform, click Docs.

Open-source Community

Amplication is an open-source development platform, and our community and contributors are an essential part of Amplication. Join us in shaping the future of software development.

There are many ways you can contribute:

  • Make a feature request by submitting an issue to our GitHub Repository.

  • If you see an error message or run into an issue, you can help us by submitting an issue to our GitHub Repository. Even better, you can submit a Pull Request with a fix.

  • Create a new feature or improve existing functionality. PRs are welcomed and encouraged (but talk to us about it first, someone else might be doing something similar).

  • Write, edit, and improve the docs. Our docs are a work in progress, so be sure to check it from time to time for new articles.

If you want to get involved, head on over to our Discord community and start talking to other members of the Amplication community.