Breaking The Monolith- Simplifying the Shift to Microservices

Amplication Team
Amplication Team
Mar 6, 2024
Breaking The Monolith- Simplifying the Shift to MicroservicesBreaking The Monolith- Simplifying the Shift to Microservices

Breaking The Monolith- Simplifying the Shift to Microservices

At Amplication, we're driven by a mission to simplify backend development. Our journey has been marked by a commitment to speed and simplicity, and today, we take another significant leap forward.

We are excited to announce the beta release of our new feature: Break The Monolith. This feature embodies our dedication to empowering developers by helping them transform monolithic systems into modern microservice architectures.

Break The Monolith offers a smooth pathway to transform your bulky, intertwined systems into streamlined, interconnected services. This transition to a more modular microservice architecture is intuitive and fast, whether you're updating legacy systems or modernizing current monolithic apps.

Why use Break The Monolith?

The shift to microservices is more than just a technical upgrade. It's a strategic move towards greater agility and scalability. Break The Monolith (BTM) facilitates this transition and also empowers enterprises to adopt a more modular approach.

Break The Monolith consists of two primary parts:

  1. Dynamic Break The Monolith UI: this dynamic interface allows developers to creatively design their microservice architecture. By dragging and dropping entities/data models between new or existing services, you can reshape your project's architecture.
  2. Intelligent AI Helper: powered by advanced LLMs like OpenAI API, the AI Helper suggests optimal designs for your microservices. You can review and refine these suggestions in the BTM editor, then apply them to your updated architecture.

For more information into the technical specifics explore our comprehensive developer documentation.

Break The Monolith’s core capabilities

Break The Monolith introduces a new project-level Architecture tab that brings you an array of powerful features, including Overview and Redesign Modes, AI, and more.

1. Overview and redesign of services

The new Overview Mode in the Architecture tab offers a comprehensive bird's-eye view of your project's current services. It reveals details like entities, fields, and their interrelations, providing a top-level view for understanding your project's structure and planning your transition.

In Redesign Mode, our intuitive BTM drag-and-drop interface lets you reorganize your architecture. You can manually move entities between existing or newly created services, facilitating the creation of tailor-made microservices.

After applying the changes, Amplication ensures these are accurately reflected in the new services, complete with updated entities, APIs, and data models.

2. Intelligent AI suggestions

Amplication's AI Helper, leveraging advanced LLMs like OpenAI API, serves as an intelligent architect for your backend system.

It analyzes your project, focusing on entity interdependencies, data flow, and potential bottlenecks. The AI proposes a microservices architecture that not only aligns with industry best practices but also ensures logical grouping of entities, efficient management of relationships, and an overall high-performing system architecture.

Amplication is committed to the privacy and security of your project's information throughout this entire process.

3. Automatic code generation

In the final step, Amplication automatically generates all the necessary code for your new architecture. This includes the complex task of establishing and managing relationships between data models and entities across the various microservices. Such automation guarantees a smooth, efficient transition from a monolithic system to a microservices architecture, ensuring your code is production-ready.

Try Break The Monolith

We invite you to try this feature in our sandbox environment. Here, you can experiment with the tool, familiarize yourself with its capabilities, and see firsthand how it can revolutionize your development workflow. Click here to get started.

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Break The Monolith is a significant advancement in our mission to speed up and simplify backend development. We welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions to continue improving. Interested in a private demo or have more questions? Feel free to contact us. Together, let's redefine backend development.