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Instantly generateJust code what matters.

Amplication is a flexible open-source Node.js app development platform. It helps you build production-ready Node.js backend without wasting time on repetitive coding.

Empowering developers from leading companies

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What users are saying about Amplication?

20x faster
To deliver code to production
2 months
Saved on initial project setup
100+ hrs
Per month saved on app infrastructure and boilerplate updates
Of developers’ time saved
50+ hrs
Saved per developer on knowledge sharing and training

How Amplication backend development platform works?

Design models and roles
Define data entities and role-based access through Amplication's UI or CLI, and Amplication will auto-generate your database, an Admin UI, and API.
github sync
Sync your app with GitHub
Amplication syncs your app code into Node.js format to your GitHub repository so you can keep developing and custom code your app using your favorite IDE and the skills you have already mastered.
Access your Node.js app
Our auto-generated admin UI based on your data model schema enables you to access your data with ease.
admin ui
rest api
Connect your code using REST or GraphQL
your code using REST or GraphQL
Start working with your API from any REST or GraphQL client (React, Angular, Vue, Flutter, iOS, Android, Go, Node.js, Python and more).

Let your teams write critical business logic instead of redundant
infrastructure code

  • Instant GraphQL
  • Identity & Permissions
  • React Admin UI
  • Node.js Code Generation
  • Custom Code
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Application Deployment
  • Open Source
  • Custom Code & Webhooks Integration
  • Version Control
  • GitHub Sync