OpenCures Speeds Up Development By 200% with Amplication and Wins B2B Deals Way Ahead of Schedule

OpenCures Speeds Up Development By 200% with Amplication and Wins B2B Deals Way Ahead of Schedule

OpenCures is a health tech platform that helps people take control of their personal health. They use software to provide personalized wellness insights by combining lab results and wearable data.

As OpenCures began development on their new B2B offering, the need for a scalable API became a priority. They found Amplication to be the ideal choice because it offers a flexible, scalable backend solution without the vendor lock-in.

OpenCures used Amplication to speed up development by at least 200% and boost productivity 3x, what helped them secure B2B deals quicker than expected.

How OpenCures tackled B2B API complexity

While building their B2B API-based solution, OpenCures needed a backend that could handle complex and scalable interactions.

"We needed to create a product that could be used as a white label API-based flexible platform, with ability to support other applications too. And that was the point where I looked for solutions to have a better architecture to serve that.", said Vincenzo, Co-founder and CTO at OpenCures.

First, the team used a Firebase-backed React MVP, but needed a more scalable backend solution for OpenCures' B2B customers.

When considering different options like a custom Node.js app, Firebase Cloud Functions, or Django, Amplication was the perfect choice. It allowed rapid development while also providing the flexibility and scalability OpenCures needed.

"I didn't want to be vendor locked into Firebase or use Firebase Cloud Functions as an API.", Vincenzo explained. "That doesn't fit with my values of having a scalable solution."

Amplication rose to the challenge by offering a JavaScript-focused platform. It met OpenCures need for an integrated, efficient backend.

Crafting a tailored backend API for OpenCures

Amplication was a perfect match for OpenCures because it had code generation, automatic REST APIs, an intuitive UI for managing entities, and GitHub integration, among many other features.

With Amplication, OpenCures efficiently tackled complex tasks that would typically demand the efforts of a larger development team.
Vincenzo Domina
Vincenzo Domina
Co-Founder & CTO, OpenCures

"The main thing, of course, is the code generation.", said Vincenzo. "Amplication creates the API routes and also the very important types, which can be used in our other React application as well."

OpenCures also found a helpful community and expert advice available at Amplication. This is in stark contrast to the confusion experienced by many other developers on forums and dev-focused sites.

By posting a feature request and interacting with real people, Amplication's fast and knowledgeable community support has saved us a lot of time and helped us quickly learn and apply best practices in development.,Vincenzo remarked, reflecting on the benefits of community engagement.

The results: Amplication drives OpenCures to secure deals faster

Amplication has been crucial for OpenCures' ability to deliver a custom API solution for their B2B customers. Amplication helped OpenCures deliver a working solution for their customers twice as fast.

Vincenzo highlighted the time-saving benefits of Amplication, noting, we have expedited our ability to deliver scalable solutions to businesses. This efficiency gain is remarkable, considering that just a year ago, the same tasks would have required the efforts of at least two or three additional team members.
Vincenzo Domina
Vincenzo Domina
Co-Founder & CTO, OpenCures

This efficiency made it possible to secure business deals that couldn't be obtained before on a traditional development timeline. That's a huge testament to the tangible ROI that the right technology can deliver.

Moreover, Amplication's role in the project extends beyond its efficient code generation. As it has an opinionated framework, Amplication provides a robust architecture for the development and deployment of production-ready backends. This comprehensive framework integrates multiple solutions, such as combining Prisma with NestJS and incorporating Authentication mechanisms. Such integration represents an extensive base of knowledge and practical solutions for common challenges faced by developers, particularly when choosing a technology stack for new projects. Amplication not only serves as a functional tool but also as an educational platform, significantly smoothing the learning process for developers. This aspect of Amplication proved instrumental in accelerating the journey to full development proficiency, enhancing the overall efficiency of the project.

As OpenCures continues to build solutions for longevity and preventative health, Amplication will be an important tool to maintain their speed and efficiency. This enables them to focus on innovation and deliver products that help people live healthier lives.